Niemeyer: Life is a Breath of Air

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  • Directed by Fabiano Maciel
  • 2010Germany87 minutesPortuguese (with English subtitles)

“Life is more important than architecture!” —Oscar Niemeyer

Oscar Niemeyer (b.1907–d.2012) was an extremely influential figure in the course of modern architecture, celebrating its potential as a liberating symbol expressing political and artistic aspiration. One of the lead architects responsible for the United Nations Headquarters in NYC (1947–52), Niemeyer is best-known for his curvaceous civic buildings in Brasilia (ca1950 60), the capital city of Brazil, which continues to inspire architects around the world. Interestingly, his Brazilian National Congress complex, with its paired towers framed by saucer like council chambers, resonates closely with Toronto’s New City Hall, designed and built roughly the same time.

“In this documentary, made on the occasion of Niemeyer’s 100th birthday… the renowned architect talks about his long life, his inspirations, and his aspirations towards a just Brazil, and the ways he tried to help that along in his spectacular and beautiful buildings.” —Copenhagen Architecture Festival, 2015

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